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Creative Blog Designs

Creative Blog Designs

Share your flair for entertaining here at Crash This Party, a place dedicated to showcase and inspire creative, stylish ways to entertain. Whether it is a birthday, wedding or dinner party, considerable thought and work go into making these celebrations special and memorable events. We invite you to peruse this web site to obtain creative party ideas, and encourage you to upload photos and party details from your special events to share with others. Register today for free and inspire others with your creative entertaining style!

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Party Trends

Mystic Party Ideas
Jenna S. from Southern California wrote us with this great idea for a party that we thought was definitely worth sharing:

Last week I went to the most interesting party and just thought I needed to share it with Crash This Party. Most of my friends are now housewives and while we do enjoy going out from time to time on the town, very often we are just so tired at the end of the week.

Dinner parties take a lot of work to prepare and we seemed to max out our party-theme options over the last several years because we all get together on a regular basis. That's when Carol (our party planner for the month) came up with a great idea: call a psychic!

After searching for psychic medium readings we found Tana Hoy. We wanted to stay in and have just have some wine. No problem! We quickly found phone psychic readings on his site and our party was set.

It was so interesting to learn more about the things we sit and wonder about privately. Not everyone got a reading which was just fine. After the call we talked about the experience and got back into our normal flow. I think something like this is a great idea for anyone at a loss for entertaining.
Graduation Party Ideas
For graduation celebrations, a well-thought out party can do wonders to show your recent grad that you're excited and hopeful for their future. Excellent ideas to surprise a new graduate include gold or silver class rings, for boys or commemorative charms for girls. But sometimes the best gifts for a graduate don't even need to be purchased.

One of the most prized pieces from our daughter's graduation was a craft board that the family spent time putting together. We found pictures and knick-knacks from throughout her childhood and put them in order on a gigantic poster. She was so surprised to see what we had found and we spent the evening after everyone had left remembering many of the times we hadn't thought of in years.

It's up to you to decide just how embarrassing the items you include are, but since we had dozens of acquaintances at the party, we opted to keep the pictures we printed loving and straightforward.

Dinner Party Perfection
Last summer was the summer I finally met my girlfriend's parents. They're from New England and I grew up in Southern California—so to say the least, the cultures were pretty different, and I knew I was going to have to really impress them. Now, I love to cook, but I'm certainly not someone who regularly can pay attention to detail. I came across a blog post that discussed using necklace charms to add some personality to the party setup.

Evolving the idea just a little bit, I decided to take candles and place them into wine bottles which I then scattered all over the table that we would be eating at. They were the only thing that lit up the porch when we ate outside, and I swear, her mom wouldn't stop talking about how much she loved it. The best part? I had also found some gold charms with her mother's initials on them, and dangled them near her place setting.

It was pretty obvious that I was trying to flatter her, but I think she appreciated the effort. Needless to say, I'm still dating her daughter.

Super Bowl Party Ideas
Of course any of these ideas can be applied to any team or childs football theme party. Picking up simple items, in team colors, is enough to get the theme going. Paired with great game day food and the party is a success!

These pennant shapes are made from scrapbook paper and peel and stick letters. I hung a matching banner from the chandilier and together it spelled "GO STEELERS." I bought sparkly gold gift bag tinsel...using two inside the other, I placed the tinsel between the two vases and added fresh yellow roses. I had a few black feathers, so I added them for contrast, in with the roses. I also happened to have some green felt that I used as a table runner. If your feeling ambitious, you can add the white yard lines to the felt, giving it the look of "the field."

I used this great football print scrapbook paper and wrapped it around my candle holders and also lined the drink tray. Using matching football stickers, I applyed them to plain yellow napkins, tying it all together.

Follow the link below for more Super Bowl Party ideas!

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